Jazz and Blues Song Stylist Cynthia Holiday Interviewed in the New Online Global Magazine "AlizeLaVie"

By Catherine Castle, www.newswire.net, Tuesday 04, June 2013

Cynthia Holiday, a native of Newark, NJ and role model for many singers, has traveled an interesting path in life. Her first passion was dance, which she studied and performed in grade school, high school and college, but her love for music soon took over. Now, with 2 CD's under her belt, a wide smile and a bright spirit, she carries the jazz flame in New York City and all over the world. Just back from a recent tour of Russia and performing Saturday June 22, 2013 at Showman's Jazz Club in Harlem, NYC, she took a few moments to speak with AlizeLaVie Founder and CEO, Alize Utteryn.

AlizeLaVie is the new multicultural, global, online magazine devoted to promoting diverse culture in fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle, music, career and health. The first issue, launched in February 2013, attracted more than 4000 readers from the US, France, Japan, Jamaica, Great Britain and Pakistan. The new magaizine is growing quickly. By April 2013, readership climbed to 11,000. Produced in Paris, the magazine's main objective is to discover, share and expand culture and art globally.

AlizeLaVie's mission is to inspire, empower and encourage young men and women to pursue their goals and develop their talent. The magazine desires to be a practical guide on the road to success and an ambassador for the creative spirit of all nations, by providing a wide range of essential tools to help build and polish individual assets and expertise.

Alize Utteryn, Founder and CEO, interviewed Cynthia Holiday recently for the June 2013 issue. Among many interesting questions, Ms. Utteryn asked Ms. Holiday, "What inspires your music?" Holiday replied, "I am a storyteller. I sing about love gone right and love gone wrong. I'm inspired by songs with lyrics that represent my experiences in life or the things I might say or do. I also sing humorous blues songs like "I got plenty of money. I got a nice place to stay, I got 3 or 4 cars that I drive everyday. I ain't doing too bad!."

Asked if she had any thoughts for young people who want to bring something different to the musical landscape, Holiday replied, " First, study your craft and "just do you" for the love of music. Do not get stuck on "looking for a deal." When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready. There is no substitute for practice and preparation. Establish who you are as an artist and create a brand for yourself or your band."

When asked, "What's in store for you?" Holiday replied, "My major goal is to record a third CD and continue to expand my fan base by touring the US and internationally."