All the Way

Featuring the Cedar Walton Trio


  • Cynthia Holiday - vocals
  • Radam Schwartz - piano/organ
  • Andy McCloud - bass
  • Joe Brown Jr. - drums
  • Wayne Henderson - drums
  • Julius Tolintino - tenor saxophone
  • Gerald Hayes - alto saxophone
  • Geary Moore - guitar
  • Cedar Walton - piano
  • David Williams - bass
  • Joe Farnsworth - drums

“Cynthia Holiday… All The Way” spotlights Cynthia giving her own personal touch to straight-ahead jazz, blues, pop standards and introducing some originals. In fact, she co-wrote two of the tunes with Radam Schwartz, “I Like What I See” and “You’ve Got A Job To Do.” When asked to pick out a few favorite selections on the CD, Cynthia says, “My Little Rainbow” is a lovely ballad along with “Samba de Amore” which is a light samba.

CD Tracks

  1. Never Make a Move Too Soon 4:41
  2. I Like What I See 5:22
  3. Samba de Amor 4:21
  4. Knock On Wood 5:06
  5. My Little Rainbow 5:22
  6. You've Got a Job To Do 5:12 
  7. I Thought About You 4:46
  8. All the Way 5:06
  9. More Today Than Yesterday 6:09

Original Release Date: May 20, 2008
Label: Miles High Records

I Like What I See

Recorded live at Birdland. Release Date: January 2014


  • Cynthia Holiday - vocals 
  • Radam Schwartz - piano, arranger
  • Anthony Nelson - tenor saxophone
  • Paul Beadry - bass
  • Wayne Henderson - drums 

I Like What I See Recorded live at Birdland New York City with drummer Winard Harper as guest artist. "I Like What I See" is also the title of the song with lyrics written by Cynthia Holiday and music by Radam Schwartz. It's a story about "Girls night out looking for Mr.Right." You'll love her story.

CD Tracks

  1. I Love Being Here With You 3:22
  2. Beneath The Surface 5:49
  3. I Wish I'd Met You 5:48
  4. Shulie A Bop 3:51
  5. I Like What I See 5:02
  6. I Didn't Know What Time It Was 5:17
  7. All Because Of You 4:48
  8. I Believe I Can Fly 6:56
  9. That's All 4:48